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Why are you Selling your Home?

It's a fact. This summer has been the talk of the Town! It has been one of the most competitive Real Estate markets we've seen since 2016.

It is a Seller's Market. It is competitive. It is fast.

At The Bachmann Rice Team, we implement safety procedures allowed by our board to ensure a safe and effective campaign to sell Real Estate.

It's no secret that the market is on FIRE! Our team has been working NON-STOP over the past few months. We're seeing an influx of buyers from Toronto flock up to the Springwater area. Now that working from home is becoming the norm.

If you notice a listing go up in your neighbourhood and you'd like more information OR you're curious to see what your home is worth let me know and we would be happy to help.

Does your current home meet all your needs?

We are facing a new normal. What does your new normal look like. We are now in a position to work from home. Exciting? Maybe. The dining table "office" is just not working out. Our needs for a work space, or to bring our families home is necessary now.

If you are like us, you are selling because your current home just can't meet the needs of this new normal we all face. You are now looking for a den, a loft above a garage, a basement suite, or a "she-shed" for that new workspace.

The homes on the market today can supply that extra living space and make your home as enjoyable as you need.

Is there enough property to enjoy!

When we bought our home, we had no children, no pets, and no need for a large backyard, nor did we appreciate the importance of this. Now- children, pets, friends, gardens, and certainly new workspaces can impede on that enjoyable space. So searching for a home, outside the city, or a quick walk around the corner can provide much needed breathing room. Grow a vegetable garden, make a she-shed, and have room for your expanding family to grow and enjoy.

Is your family is too far away!

We have come to realize, family is so important. The new normal has really opened our eyes at the importance of keeping close to those we love.

You are searching for that new home in nearby neighbourhoods near family or close friends. Maybe your children, like ours, are in sports, and youth groups and the distance that once seemed easy has become more important than that long drive to get there.

Living near the activities your family enjoys is key in your world. Do you enjoy skiing, hiking, or big town sports? There are towns and properties that are a hop, skip and a jump to big town amenities, with lower real estate prices, lower property tax, but bigger land sizes.

At The Bachmann Rice Team, we can help you Sell your home, and provide you with key local specifics for new neighbourhoods that meet all this criteria.

We provide virtual listing appointments, and specific marketing campaigns to sell your home.

Connect with us here:

Let our Passion for Real Estate Bring you Home!

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