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Valentines Day Contest

Valentine’s Day is about showing those you love just how much you love them. Valentine’s has become a romanticized day, all about passion.

We believe that it should also be about friendship.

This year has been trying for most of us, and we have been kept from those we love. We urge you to use this month to reach out to those you care for. Sometimes all it takes is a phone call to put a smile on our faces. For other’s, a text, email or facetime will brighten their day.

We here at The Bachmann Rice Team would like to share the love as well. We are holding a Valentine’s Day contest on our facebook page. We want to see who you love (romantic, friendship, pet). Swing by and like our page, share the post and comment a picture of who you are spending Valentine’s Day with. Grand prize is a beautiful heart shaped smash cake from Nonna’s Place in Wasaga Beach.

Fun Facts about Valentine’s Day

  • Candy Hearts are older than you thought -In 1866 Necco started manufacturing miniature hearts, called “motto hearts” with cute sayings printed on them. They have upgraded the messages in the years since.

  • Dove’s mate for life - Dove’s were associated with the greek goddess Aphrodite, who favoured them due to their monogamy

  • Alberta and Quebec spend most of their money on flowers, Ontario on jewellery, British Columbia on candy

  • Valentine’s is the second most popular day to send cards

  • Richard Cadbury invented the first Valentine’s Candy Box in the late 1800’s

We hope you have a great Valentine’s day,


The Bachmann Rice Team

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