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Southern Georgian Bay MLS® home sales smash November record in both regions

Updated: Dec 18, 2020

In the Midland area we have seen a large increase of 32.4% from November 2019 and this was also a new sales record for the month of November.

We would like you to see for yourselves what the market is and has been doing.

Here at The Bachmann Rice Team we are all about informing our clients about what is happening.

Shown below is what we have seen for active listings compared to what we saw in 2019.

This November we saw 17 new listings. Compared to 2019 with new listings at 62. WOW, can you imagine?

These listings are not staying on market as long as in 2019. Homes are selling fast. We are not seeing many new listings. Plain and Simple.

2019 homes sat on the market for 3.3 months, compared to 2020, 0.8 months. In this market, you are not waiting long to sell your home from start to finish.

We are in a Sellers Market? When you list, you are compeeting with very few homes in your area.

How long will that last? We wish we had a crystal ball. It may last through to the traditional "spring" market, or it may turn over the Christmas Holidays. By this time next year, you could be in a huge upswing if you sell now.

Click below for more information about Southern Georgian Bay's statistics.

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